Square Design Three Tier Acrylic Display Stand Rack For Shoes

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Square Design Three Tier Acrylic Display Stand Rack For Shoes

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Square Design Three Tier Acrylic Display Stand Rack For Shoes

Production info:

The three tier point of sale display stand has three platforms at different heights.

The retail display stands are very versatile and are ideal to create eyecatching window displays.

The very strong design of these display stands ensure that they are suitable to display a variety of products ranging from shoes, bags, bottles or small electrical products.

Available in either a round or a square design.

Made in clear acrylic throughout.

Square design display stand:

  • Base dimensions: 450mm square.
  • Tier heights: 100mm, 200mm and 300mm.
  • Each display platform measures 200mm square.
    Made of clear.

    The tiers of the display stand are glued into position.

    Alternative sizes and colours can be made to order if required, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Round design is also available

Cusomized requirements:

1. What is the colour?

2. What is the material?

3. What is the size (length, width, height, thickness) ?

4. Please kindly offer us with your real sample pictures,we can print your logo.

Products we supply:

Custom display (such as cosmetic display, jewelry display, digital products display), acrylic stands, acrylic holders, acrylic frames (such as picture frame, photo frame, poster frame). All kinds of acrylic box (such as candy box, storage box, ballot box, donation box), acrylic sign holder, acrylic calendar stands, acrylic stationery (such as acrylic pen holder, meno holder, acrylic book holder, magazine holder), acrylic paperweight, acrylic trophy, acrylic awards, acrylic keychain and other acrylic promotional products.


What can we do with acrylic?

1. 1-15mm acrylic for pop display

2. >20mm acrylic for cosmetic display ,furniture, awards,

3. Color acrylic for color application on furniture&decorative items

4. Acrylic granule for plastic injection works wiser when qty is quite large

5. Normally logos are realized by simple silk screen printing, it suitable for 1-3colors

6. Full color logos or large advertising images needs to be realized by digital UV printing, offset printing or hot transfer printing(this way is specially works on spherical surface or cylindrical surface

7. Other way to realize logos: , machine engraving, sliver/golden stamping, bury printing.

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