4 Floor Wooden Display Racks In Balcony / Shoe Display Stands

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4 Floor Wooden Display Racks In Balcony / Shoe Display Stands

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4 Floor Wooden Display Racks In Balcony / Shoe Display Stands


Quick Detail:

Color and material: according to your requirements


Wood furniture

Shoes rack

Display rack





Shoes rack


Solid wood


Dark espresso

dimensions L 60 cm*w 20 cm *H 60 cm




Each shelf can store 3-4 pairs of female shoes. It is made with pure natural wood with surface polishing finish. It also has a natural wood fragrance which is environmental friendly.

We can also make Size specifications according to the customer’s requirement. On the surface color, customer can choose their own colors, like black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and colors of your preferences. Our product is made up of wood and metal and plastic, which make it, look simple. On the surface finishing, customers can also choose their own needs, like Powder Coating, Vinyl Coating, Nickel / Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, Anodized for Aluminum extrusion, Painting, etc.

If you have further enquiries, please feel free to contact us.




This is a simple shoe rack which has been selling well world wide. It can tidy your shoes and it also can decorate your room. The rack can be put in the balcony and bathroom.


We have many range of choices for materials and customize designs that can cater to your demands e.g.

1) Aluminum Extrusion, Cast Aluminum, Cast Zinc, Cast Iron,

2) Wood Products, like Solid wood, MDF, Plywood, Melamine, Laminated, Veneer or

Regular particle Board, etc.

3) Acrylic products and Acrylic Mirrors,

4) Injection mold, Vacuum Foam & Plastic Extrusion, Rubber, etc.

5) Glasses, like tempered glass, glass mirror, etc.

6) Accessories, like Casters &Wheels, drawer sliders, magnetic, tools, handle, etc.

7) Packaging materials, like corrugate, EPE, EPS, bubble bag, labels, etc.

We have a range surface finishing capabilities

1) Powder Coating, Matching your any color

2) Vinyl Coating

3) Nickel / Chrome Plating

4) Zinc Plating

5) Anodized for Aluminum extrusion

6) Painting, etc.

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